Mold coping method edition 〜plum〜

Can mold grow also on Umeboshi?
 Mold grows even in Umeboshi.
 People try to reduce salt by handmade or tends to be caused by the weather.


In case of weak mold
1.In case of mold like a thin film stretched over the surface of plum vinegar
→Let's gently remove it gently.
(Use disinfected redle or tissue paper)
2. Please take plum and wash with 35 degrees or more of shochu.
3. Plum vinegar is filtered at two pieces of gauze or coffee filter.
And return the washed plum after putting it in a disinfected container.


In case of terrible mold
1. In the same way as in the case of weak mold. (But politely!)
2. After boil the filtered vinegar in a pot and let it cool.
Let's remove the lye which comes out during boiling.
3.Return the plum vinegar, which has been cooled enough,
together with the plum into a container where it was cleanly disinfected.

Plum syrup
 The plum at the top of the container was made white,
this identity which is misunderstood as white mold is natural yeast coming from plum.
As for scents like wine grapes is yeast but obviously there is a possibility of mold if the odor is odd.

In case of Blue mold and red mold growing
Dispose immediately.
People who became anxious about having white plum
After removing white plum, pasteurized at 70 ℃ for 5 to 10 minutes.
Fermentation stops by applying heat.

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