Mold coping methodedition 〜tatami〜

Mold of tatami, what should I do?

In case of light mold
⇒Open the window on sunny days, along the tatami compartment
after taking out the mold with a vacuum cleaner.
Let's clean dry cloth 4 times

In case of serious mold
⇒Tatami was put outdoors on a fine weather day, After using a broom or
  vacuum cleaner,wipe by dry cloth and let mold drop.
About three days, on sunny days,dry the tatami.
On this occasion, to prevent tatami sunburn, dried in the shade or
be careful to flip the tatami surface over.

When tatami mats can`t be put out outside
(For example there is a drawers and baggage and it can`t move etc.)

⇒There is no choice but to go to the Tatami store.  

Mold occurs in a large amount and it feels bad
⇒Let's change to "mold is hard to grow" and "not having mites" tatami .

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