Mold Types edition 〜Types of mold@〜

Do you know that there are more than 30,000 different molds in the world?
Of course, there is "bad mold" causing food poisoning,
also "good mold" that makes miso and soy sauce.
Bonito string which becomes the source of traditional ”Dasi” in japan is
also made with this "good mold".
Let's explain the type of mold and its characteristics.
There are three types of molds divided considerably.

〜Types of moldA〜>>

Mold's dictionary

We summarized the mold which came out on this site in detail.
  Mold's dictionary>>

Mold's judgment

When you think what kind of mold this is, try using it by all means please.
  Mold's judgment>>

Food's mold

We grew "mold" in various foods to make it easy
to understand “what kind of appearance・color is mold doing.”
  Mold of various food>>


※Now of our technology, we can not distinguish mold perfectly.
So, what I showed you up to now is the mold which is probably right.