Mold coping method edition 〜curtain〜

Curtain mold, not falling…

Mold is particularly easy for the curtain of the race and difficult to drop easily
and in normal washing their will not fall.
So, it depends onmold remover.
By the way, introduce the components of mold remover.
Water Solvent
Hypochlorite Oxidant
Sodium hydroxide Alkaline agent
Alkyl amine oxide Surfactant
Sodium alkyl sulfonate Surfactant
Sodium alkyl sulfate ester Surfactant
There is powerful penetration ingredient formulation so it works even to the root of mold.

Before that,
let`s check curtain wash mark and can we wash with a washing machine and with water?
First, sprinkle the mold remover and leave it for about 10 minutes.
Then wash and shed.
I wash it in the washing machine and dry in the shade.
It will be beautiful〜(^o^)

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