Mold coping method edition ~to eliminate the mold~

No.1 vinegar  Vinegar that there is bactericidal action. This can be expected.
Within 15 minutes with vinegar, flushed with water… but there was no change in appearance.
Can`t remove molds with vinegar ...


No.2 eraser Dry the mat, let out the moisture of the mat, so that it can rub with the eraser.
We tried rubbing with full power for 1 minute. (our hands got tired) ... 
What, unexpected mold disappeared a bit.
Moreover, mold does not attach to eraser,perhaps we can use it.
However, it will be impossible to mold from the root.
Probably, it proved effective only for the mold on the surface!


No.3 mold remover This time we used a mold remover that was in our house.
Within 15 minutes with mold remover, flushed with water…
As expected we are able to get mold well!
As expected, mold remover. It is strong.

mold remover


No.4 hot water(50℃) We tried it for 90 seconds ... 
There was no change and almost as well as anything on the mat did not change also.
But, we think mold disappeared more than vinegar.
Mold is dead, but we understand well that it remains black !
In terms of killing mold and preventing mold, although hot water may be very effective,
it seems that it is necessary to use mold remover in order to take black stain of mold.
Also, since mold is sterilized by hot water, you will be able to mold from the root.

hot water


   Items can remove mold well
No.1 mold remover  No.2 eraser  No.3 hot water(50℃)  No.4  vinegar

Conclusion in this experiment

In removing bath mold, mold remover is the best.
However, hot water is effective for killing mold and preventing it.
Whatever you use, to make it look nice, make it white with mold remover
and Still it is unlikely that deep mold we must use a correction production.

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