Mold coping method edition 〜futon〜

Mold of futon, what should we do?

How can we remove when mold grows on futon?

We will introduce it because there are several methods.

In case it grew on the cover,
The mold grew only on the futon cover

Wash immediately, furthermore bleach is put in clothes with detergent,
there is deodorizing effect.

Remove mold with bleach and towel.
In case mold grew in the futon main body
→A small amount of bleach is impregnated into a drytowel,and tap on pom-pong on mold.
After the color of mold becomes thinner, wipe off bleach with a wet towel!
If you dry it in the sun and take a smell, it falls firmly.

Use a special detergent.
This persistent mold is the fastest.

Have the futon cleaned.
It costs but it is the most beautiful.

Buy a new one.
Last resort!

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