Mold coping method edition 〜bath〜

Many people somehow want to eliminate molds in the bath.

Let us teach countermeasures.
It takes 90 seconds to kill the mold with hot water of 50 ℃. Mold is very weak in hot water.

1. Most houses, you can change the temperature of the shower with a bath.
So this is effective against mold.
With this, some molds can be killed.
But, we can`t take black stains of mold yet. The mold remains black even when it dies.
So, let 's use this.

2. Let's make it whitish with mold remover.
It has a bleaching effect.
If the mold can`t be cleaned with the mold remover, use a joint correction production.
With this, your bath will also be a brand new bath.
With this we think that it was solved but in order to prevent this, let's do the following.。

3. To sprinkle 50 ℃ hot water for 5 seconds once a week.

But is it really improved with hot water? So then, we actually tried it.
In addition, we tried something that is available at home that can take mold.
This time we are experimenting with black molds on the bath mat.

Experiment to eliminate the mold

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