Part of Mold Experiment ~Before Experiment~

I don't think you have good image for mold
like black spot in bath room or mold making food be not able to eat.

But there is much "useful mold".
For example, white mold growing at camambert cheese.
That unique flavor can't be established without white mold.
Therefore in this time, I'd like to make the representative of white mold cheese,camambert cheese.

By the way, what is it which grows at cheese
That is cultivated by people,and it protects
inside cheese from harmful mold or miscellaneous bacteria in the air.
For that reason, when you make camembert cheese,
if white mold grows to some extent,the cultivation goes well because it prevent cheese
from other miscellaneous bacteria.

Incidentally,that white mold is NOT MOLD in strictly speaking.
Mold at BLUE CHEESE is genuine mold.
But white mold at camambert cheese is PRODUCING YEAST which is kind of enzyme.

That grows surface only and mature inside cheese.
So it isn't problem whether you eat it or not.
Let's start making camambert cheese!

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