Mold Experiment edition 〜START EXPERIMENT〜

  Things to prepare

  • ・Pasteurized milk 2liter 
  • ・tablespoon yoghurt 2cups
  • ・Rennet(enzyme coagulating milk) a little
  • ・Fresh camembert cheese 
  • ・Bowl 
  • ・Cotton cloth 
  • ・thermometer 
  • ・Pot 
  • ・Kitchen knife

@ 「Desinfection」Disinfect using instrument.

A 「Warming up」After warming up
In 35 degree hot water
add yoghurt and mix to uniform

B 「Fermentation」Keeping 35 degree under wraping for preventing from fungus
and do Lactic acid fermentation.

C 「Rennet」After cooling 10ml hot water,melt rennet
add this solution little by little to milk to become uniform

D 「Coagulation」Leave it to stand for 30minutes to 1hour under 35degrees boiled water.

If it doesn't coagulate,you have to add rennet and wait again.

E 「Cut」Undergoing Dprocess,to discharge moisture from setting milk
cut congulated milk for one centimeter square.And keep that state for 5minutes.

F 「Separation of moisture」Not breaking square,stir by ladle slowly.
After that, raise degrees to 40 taking 10minutes
and leave 5minutes gently.

G 「discharging of moisture」With water produced during process,pour it into mold

H Turn it upside down every 1hour, and let it dough rest overnight.

I Then, sork in salt water

J Melt mold from fresh camembert cheese suface.

K Spray mold to cheese made.

L Under temperature 15degrees and humidity 90%, make cheese mature for 5 to 10 days until white mold grow.

M After growing white mold, first ripeness finish.

N Wrap with wax paper and start second ripeness

It is under second ripeness now.

O It is ready to eat when you put center of cheese, it get dented.

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