Mold coping method edition 〜air conditioner〜

The mold of the air conditioner, I want to clean it somehow.

Air conditioner with mold is mold smell of air conditioning, 、
there is a lot of possibility that it may cause pneumonia and allergy if you use it all the time.
But, "I want to kill mold",
it is NG to use the mold remover.
It may cause breakdown of the air conditioner.

Things to prepare:Vacuum cleaner, Tooth brush, Dust cloth and water (or lukewarm water)

Please take the air conditioner outlet before cleaning

Please wipe off the dust on the upper part of the air conditioner with a dust cloth.
 ※Please use cloth squeezed hard (preventing air conditioner breakdown)

Please remove panel and remove contamination of panel and filter.

Please wipe off dirt on the louver and dirt on the outlet.

Please turn on the power, perform blowing operation and the check.

It is sold Air Conditioner Cleaning Spray,
but it is desirable not to use it because it will cause a malfunction.
Though it costs money, ask a contractor is the most reliable way.

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